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Botting Spot + Expected income, Make your bot profitable :)

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You Need Bot~!
1) Datamon_Keys
Map : Server_Continent_Pyramid(Tamer_Lv75)(Digimon_Lv90~98...Lv99 Drop[Low_Chance])
24Hours:- You Will Get 10~22 Key's(10 Days = 100+)
Kill Datamon_Hard
-Blue Digivice 100~150T
-AP280 30~35T

2) Kimeramon/Chimairamon_Gates
Map: DarkTower_Wasteland Bakemon Area(Tamer_Lv25)(Digimon_Lv41~59...Lv60+Drop[Low_Chance])
24Hours:- You Will Get 150~300 Gate's
Kill Kimeramon/Chimairamon_Hero
-Miracle 100% 80~120T
-Miracle_Box ABC&D Complete(3~5T)
-AP Lv8 85~92 18~35T

3) Tamers And Crack_Eggs
Map: File Island Waterfront_Argomon Area(Digimon_Lv41~93...Lv94+ Drop[Low_Chance])
You Will Get:-
24Hours- 2000~2500 Crack_Eggs
- Crack_Eggs 450b ea, You Can Sell It 600b ea

4) Devil_Data
Map: Infinite IceWall_Alrkadimon Area(Digimon_Lv61~72...Lv73+Drop[Low_Chance])
24Hours- You Will Get 800~1000 Data
-Devil 2~4m


The rest you can discover yourself :)
~[Without Bot]~
1) Quad_Ring
Map: Server_Continent_Desert
24Hours:- 36 Round's (216 Raid's) Must Get Rank(1~3) 50% Will Get Quad_Ring
-Quad_Ring 800M~1T

2) Re-Sell Items
Buy Kfc 800~900b
Sell Kfc 1m

And Other Items Too~
•Don't Be Lazy~!
By: skyprince20

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