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How to activate Bot

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Before you try to use our bot make sure, you already downloaded the latest version of Bot from our VIP section 
There are some rules you need to know about this bot to make sure it will work smoothly for you :)
1. You can't always use different PCs to use our bot , there will be 6 hours Lock each time we detect that you're using a new PC, means in 6 hours period you can only use the bot on the same PC before you can use another PC
2. The bot working smoothly on Windows7 , Windows8/8.1 and Windows 10  (make sure UAC +Smartscreen+ Windows Defender disabled+ Antivirus Disabled) , Win XP ( working depends on your OS health, XP too vurnerable to virus)
3. We really not recommend our bot to be used in internet cafe ( Previlege problem), our bot need administrator access in order to work
4. Make sure you add the bot to the exclusion of your antivirus (some antivirus will detect our bot as suspicious software) and make sure no DeepFreeze!
This is step by step to use the bot :)
1. Extract PSC Digimon Masters Online US .zip to Desktop (up to you)
2. Make sure all DMO Clients closed first .
  For WinXP , right click at PSC Digimon Masters Online US v30.exe , choose Run As > Uncheck Protect blablabla first, then click Ok
  For Win 7 , just right click , choose Run as Administrator
3.Once the login window appeared, type your PSC  username and password and click login, wait until message containing your remaining Bot time appeared and just click Ok until the bot ready (it will show 1,2,3 list)
4. Start your DMO , if you do it right , 1,2,3 window will disappear and you will proceed to DMO login screen, If you did right then menu will shown up automatically. Use arrow button to control  and f10 to hide the menu
Troubleshooting :
1. Error 3 How To Fix  : Your pc date and time not correct , you need to do automatic sychronization by going to Date and Time Setting > Internet Time > Change Settings> Update now 
2. Not Found ! error when you login the bot,and when you close the bot and try login again you got HWID Block 6 Hours, this means our server detected that your PC have a random identity. There's no real solution for this problem , reinstall OS or retry on other PC maybe the only choice
3. Hacking Protection Corrupted , you just need to be a little slower,retry and wait longer before you start DMO
4. Connection Error xxxxx , this means your ISP not allow you to connect to psc server or your PC blocking the bot from connecting . You should check whatever installed on your pc.

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