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How to purchase BP

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Before you purchase BP, you need to know the rules here. Use google translate if you can't read english. No more reason to break the rule.


Never ask anything written in Important Links

Punishment: Block from contact list.


Hacking/scamming/fraud trial

Punishment : Block from Contact , IP ban, ID ban, we won't tolerate.


We will add more if needed.


How to Purchase BP . Please read and do carefully, wrong steps of transaction will cause your order canceled.


1. If you're not registered, please register first by clicking create account on the top left


2. Go to Buybot>Buypoint> Paymentwall/Paypal


3. You will get your BP after you completed the purchase




How to use your BP + Download Bot .Just read, and do step by step , no need to ask admin.



1. After you received your BP, go to Buy Bot and change your BP to BOTTIME . Remember once your changed your BP, your bottime will keep running even you're not using it. So choose carefully as you need it.


3. Then after you got your bottime you can download your bot here or Go to VIP Section on Forum( no bottime = NO DOWNLOAD!)


4. Read how to use it carefully, noob no need to act like an expert, just read  :)

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